Regarding Chick-fil-gAte


By Jacob Bennett, Trinity Velazquez, Anson Ballow, Samantha Clark and Cassandra Phillips.

Last week, we ran an op-ed from a student on campus that received mostly negative attention. The feedback came from hundreds of students who strongly disagreed with the piece, which asserted that Chick-fil-A’s opening on campus was a “slap in the face” to LGBTQ students.

We operate differently than business-driven publications in that The Current Sauce does not belong to its staff; it belongs to NSU’s students. This isn’t our paper. It’s yours.

We see The Current Sauce as a platform for every student on campus, regardless of age, race, sexuality, religion or political affiliation. We have made an effort this year to expand our Viewpoints page to include people of various beliefs and backgrounds.

Last week’s issue included the anti-Chick-fil-A piece, but also a more conservative pro-life piece. Neither of the writers is on our staff, and neither piece is endorsed by the newspaper. However, we feel that publishing both of these pieces was the right call.

The Viewpoints page is a voice for all students, and at a university with thousands of students, there is no way all of us will ever agree on one thing. And that’s okay.

Many act as though views outside the mainstream should be ridiculed and suppressed. We believe this is incompatible with the concept of free speech. If you disagree with someone’s assertion, enter the marketplace of ideas and argue against it.

In closing, if you want your paper to be more reflective and representative of you and your interests, get involved! You can email us an opinion piece, or ask about getting involved in reporting at [email protected]

Journalism is an imperfect art, but with your help, we can make The Current Sauce better for generations of Demons to come.