Holding yourself to a higher standard means never giving up


By Cherish Wilson.

I wanted to be vice president of the Student Government Association because I wanted to serve the student body at a greater level than just as a senator. I knew that I was capable of leading others and wanted to work at my full capacity.

My favorite part of being VP is the connections I get to make at Northwestern and all around the country. These connections range from SGA senators, world renowned speakers and administration at Northwestern. Each of them is unique and I’m grateful for all of them individually.

Honestly, it feels amazing. I could not be more honored to serve in this capacity than I already am. My biggest initiative is to make sure we stay diverse and are taking the issues of all students into consideration while trying to find a way to make their experience here as enjoyable as possible.

As president of the African American Caucus on campus I am always working with students and our advisor to advocate for the black community in any way, form or fashion. I try to make sure people know that they can come talk to me about anything and I will do everything in my power to make sure it is fixed or at least begun to change.

In my opinion, I don’t feel like I face any obstacles. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I can’t do everything that others do because I have an example to set. I don’t see that as an obstacle because I try to hold myself at a higher standard than most would expect.

If I could give advice to my past self, I would say to never give up and always trust your gut! You are gifted in so many ways and areas, so never let anyone tell you different. Believe in yourself first and other will follow. Don’t hesitate to get involved in that club or organization because you have to start somewhere. The way you present yourself is crucial in your success, so be smart and represent well. The sky is the limit, you can do anything and get anywhere by yourself without assistance from anyone.

I have learned that everyday won’t be easy, but seeing the fruit of the hard work you put in makes the trials and tribulations seem small. Deciding to run for VP is one of my greatest decisions I’ve made and it’s worth every minute of the meetings, office hours, calls and trips. If you need an encouraging word or help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Cherish is the vice president of the Student Government Association.