REVIEW: Newly-opened Legacy Café is already a Natchitoches staple


If you, too, are not a Natchitoches local, you’ve probably never heard of the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center. It’s located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and has recently opened the Legacy Café.

The small café is located just inside the community center with it’s very modern and fresh-looking interior. The bright and modern atmosphere is refreshing and welcomed in a sea of restaurants that are best described as homey and charming. There is even a garden to gaze at through the windows while you munch.

The café has only been open for about a month, but it already feels like a staple of the community. People were bustling about and customers started to file in around noon. The entire place smells beautifully of burgers, which I have only heard good things about. I myself chose to get the curry chicken croissant sandwich.

I waited for my food for a good amount of time, so if you are in a rush this might not be the place for you. When my food had arrived, I was impressed by the quality at sight. I paid around $10 total for my meal, and received what I would expect to get from a bistro from home.

The croissant was both crispy and airy which aided in the supple and flavorful chicken salad. The curry in the chicken salad is exactly what it needed to be. It is smoky against the added apple which is a beautiful combination. After taking a bite I thought, “Oh yes this is what salt, fat, acid and heat is about.”

Their menu had many options, but what impressed me most were the vegetarian ones. They had what I would consider to be the best all-veggie menu in the city. Though I myself am not a vegetarian, I cannot wait to try it out.

The staff are all super friendly and accommodating, which makes their mission even better. Since the Legacy Café is through the Ben D. Johnson Center, all of the funds raised are going straight back to the community. Simply put, their goal is the success of the community, both socially and economically. For that alone, I will be more than willing to visit this restaurant before heading to another cheap stop, not to mention the food will most likely knock my socks off as well.

Corrections: A previous version of this article referred to the center and street as “Ben D. Johnson Center” and “Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.” We apologize for the error.