Ishmael Lane reflects on past, looks to future


By Kathleen Hilliard.

Ishmael Lane has been involved in basketball since he first started at Northwestern four years ago, and has since created a career as a star basketball player.

“Three words I would say describe him as a person would be a fine young man, a dedicated young man, very responsible,” said basketball coach Mike McConathy. McConathy has coached Lane since he first started at NSU.

“I’ll remember his growth as a young man. That he listened to what coaches were telling him, and the light came on and he became a very dominant player. He’s one of the top five players I’ve seen since I’ve been here at Northwestern,” said McConathy. McConathy has been a head coach at Northwestern for 18 seasons.

Ishmael Lane has made an impact on those that he played with along with those who knew him in the athletics department.

“Lots of people are blessed with ability. Not too many work hard enough to refine that ability into skill, and even fewer realize that working smart, and hard, is what provides the good athlete the opportunity to become great. Ishmael understood that,” said Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information Director Doug Ireland.

Basketball has always been a part of Ishmael Lane’s life. “All my life, but I’ve been playing basketball since I was eight years old, in my driveway,” said Lane when asked how long. The athlete spoke about how the best parts of basketball are winning, the integrity, and most importantly the brotherhood.

“It’s amazing how quickly you bond as brothers on the court, and off of it,” said Lane. Lane’s friendships on the courts are only part of his support system that he said helped him through his career. “I’d say my biggest supporters are my mom, my grandma, my family, and my coaches before college because they saw my growth,” said Lane. Lane also mentioned how his hometown of Port Allen, Louisiana, supports him. They keep track of his stats, and congratulate him and encourage him when he goes home.

After graduation on May 10, 2019, Lane says he wants to continue his basketball career and go out for the NBA and play professionally.

At Northwestern, Lane recently was awarded first-team Academic All-Southland Conference Status. “I’m going to say my proudest accomplishment was that Defensive Player of the Year. I wasn’t expecting that, honestly,” said Lane when asked what accomplishment he was proudest of.

“God blessed him with a lot of athletic ability and determination and the drive that it takes to be successful in anything, whether it be academics or athletics,” said McConathy.

McConathy and Lane both said that he was a dedicated and motivated person on the court.

When asked about what he’d say to future players, Lane had some advice that he had been given when he started basketball. “Advice that I’d give to anyone wanting to play basketball would be to work hard, don’t get comfy at the level you’re at, and remember that there’s always someone better than you. That’s one thing that always stuck with me.”