Cane River Brewing Company introduces Demon Lager


Natchitoches’ Cane River Brewing Company partnered with NSU to release Demon Lager, a new beer that will be sold at NSU’s football games. With its purple can and Northwestern logo, the Demon Lager is the first official beer of NSU.

Justin Krouse and Cade Gentry, co-founders of Cane River Brewing Company, are both graduates of NSU. Krouse said the two had been wanting to come out with an NSU beer for a few years now.

“We wanted to give back to Northwestern,” Krouse said. “It means the world to us.”

Many universities in Louisiana have their own beer, so Krouse said he and Gentry wanted NSU to be able to have one as well.

Gentry said it felt amazing to be able to partner with NSU on the project.

“It really is like a dream come true,” Gentry said.

This football season is significant because for the first time, people will be able to buy beer at Turpin Stadium. Gentry said he believes this will benefit both the brewery and NSU. Now, fans won’t have to leave the game if they want a drink.

For students 21 years old and over, the Demon Lager will be an addition to the game-day experience at NSU. Juan Santos, senior, said he is excited to be able to purchase the beer at football games.

“Sporting events with alcohol are always better,” Santos said.

Aside from being sold at football games, Demon Lager can also be purchased at Super 1 Foods, Maggio’s Package Liquor and in the Cane River Brewing Company taproom.