Survive fall fashion in the Louisiana heat

Survive fall fashion in the Louisiana heat

Mary Gaffney

Contributing Writer


It’s September, yet I’m already feeling those fall vibes in this heat. To avoid a heat stroke while chugging those pumpkin spice lattes and waiting for candy corn to be an acceptable food group, I deal with my fall crisis of what to wear.

It’s too hot to start getting bundled up in sweaters, boots and fuzzy socks, so let’s start with a small fall trend: darker colors.

Yeah, we’ve talked about VSCO girls, so now let’s move on to how to dress like the e-girl of my childhood dreams. We’ve all had those emo moments, and gen Z is bringing it back.

To get that spooky autumn vibe without the layers, simply wear darker colors, but keep it short to survive in the Louisiana heat. Don’t be afraid to wear all black if you’re really in the Halloween mood. Yes, it’s September, but Halloween is not just a holiday – it’s a state of mind.

To show off the length of your legs, wear shorts with a sweater or a shirt either tucked in or tied at the waist.

Boots are a great way to keep the fall feels coming, so pair your favorite fall boots with something that could be considered a little summery but in darker colors. Emerald green, navy blue and deep burgundy can bring a pop of autumn out in any outfit, no matter the length.

The tone of your outfit can really be set by a simple piece like a dark silk slip dress paired with boots and a belt.

Sweater dresses are a staple for fall, pumpkins and all things festive. Try a short-sleeved sweater dress, or long sleeved if you know your hot weather limits, either tied at the bottom or with a belt to cinch in your waist to give you more of a figure.

If you’re feeling adventurous, play with new silhouettes! Try wearing a sweater over a skirt, but instead of tucking it in, go with the A-line look and leave it out.

Let’s get fall and festive, everyone!