Student media is a safe space for students

Student media is a safe space for students

The Student Law Press Center has named 2019 “the Year of the Student Journalist.”

Student media is essential to college campuses, but it is not treated as such. Most university newspapers are student-run, which gives many students an opportunity to put their foot in the real world while still having the comfort of professors and advisers to help them.

Most people don’t understand what goes into publishing a paper weekly. I spend every day in the student media office writing and learning how to edit articles. Editing is a whole skill in itself.

The life of student journalists and of the student press is not easy.

We have never allowed government control of what general news outlets can report, so why can’t student journalism be the same way?

The government can’t control news outlets because of the First Amendment, so student media should be treated with the same fairness.

Student journalism is always being threatened by censorship, retaliation, lack of access and budget cuts. It is cast aside, and most people do not take it seriously.

Student journalists should not be reprimanded for what they publish because a member of that college administration has a problem with the reporting, especially if the topic is something students should be aware about.

Student media is the only platform where we, as students, can freely publish whatever thought we have without fear of getting in trouble or being judged. Students can show their vulnerable side through poetry with Argus or voice their opinion with the Current Sauce.

Student media is a safe space, and we all need one right now.

With the power of social media, students are more aware than ever of what is going on in their world. Social media is powerful, but every power has its limits.

Students have every right to express their opinion, and no one should have the power to say whether or not that opinion is valid. Every student opinion is valid.

Student media is by the students, for the students.

Student media is needed now more than ever.