Argus release party set for Thursday

Argus release party set for Thursday

After two years of working as Argus’ editor in chief, Katie Rayburn passed the torch to Allie Atkinson. Rayburn and her staff’s work with Argus will be showcased in its newest edition, Madrudaga. The issue will be unveiled to the public for the first time this Thursday.

Argus has been NSU’s literary magazine for over 40 years. The magazine provides a place for students to express themselves through submitted work such as poetry, prose, photography and art. Once a year, Argus publishes a new edition with a unique theme.

“Every edition we want to do something a little different,” Rayburn said about her goal with the Madrudaga issue. Rayburn said the title represents the word Madrugada, the Spanish word for “before dawn.”

“It’s those early morning hours where you’re kind of awake but nothing’s really happening yet,” Rayburn said.

Rayburn said some of the pieces in this issue have a surreal quality to them that help tie into the theme.

“They’re not easily grasped,” she said. “It takes a second to really understand what’s happening in the stories.”

Rebecca Macijeski, Argus’ faculty advisor, said the Argus staff is excited for this issue. With the Madrugada theme, Macijeski said many of the pieces focus on transitions and spaces that are in-between.

“I’m hoping that the literary magazine is an invitation to remember that we’re all creative and have interesting, dynamic thoughts,” Macijeski said. “It’s really great to share that.”

Aside from preparing for the upcoming release party, the Argus staff is already working on next year’s issue.

Allie Atkinson, current editor in chief, said it’s ultimately up to students to decide what each issue looks like. The theme serves as inspiration, but students can submit any kind of art for consideration.

“We’re an outlet that allows students to express themselves in many ways,” Atkinson said.

Argus’ release party will be held at 7 p.m. in the Natchitoches room of Russell Hall. There will be refreshments, t-shirts and copies of Madrudaga. Students will also be able to pick up free copies on campus throughout the semester.