Unsigned Editorial: parking on campus

Unsigned Editorial: parking on campus

Editorial Board of The Current Sauce


Parking on this campus is nothing short of stressful. If there is anything NSU should do to enhance the student experience, it should create more parking lots.

The initial problem is not that there is not enough parking. The problem is that there are students who live on campus that drive to class.

On-campus residents should walk to class. Their living areas are not impossibly far from classroom buildings.

Students that live off campus are struggling to get to class on time because they can never find a parking spot. It is super aggravating seeing someone parked in the Kyser parking lot and noticing that they live in UP2 when that dorm is not even five minutes away.

One of our editors has had to park in the Health and Human Performance parking lot for the past week because Kyser is full of on-campus residents’ cars.

Walking to class is not hard. There are a lot of things to do while walking to class to make the walk go by faster, like calling your parents. They probably want to hear from you, and you can complain to them that NSU should make more parking spots.

Is Pokémon Go still a thing? Can we still catch a Pikachu while walking to Theater West?

Somewhere, there is enough money from all that tuition to tear down the Natatorium and build a parking lot or a parking garage.

Or maybe NSU should make the Kyser parking lot commuter-only parking. That would be something.