Alexa, play Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood — How to dress for fall weather


Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist


It’s actually sort of, kind of, hopefully sweater weather! Grab your pumpkin spice latte from the cafe, walk around campus crunching the leaves as you go and get ready for fall. It’s almost on its way.

With sweater weather comes the wearing of said sweater. You throw on your sweater, jeans and boots and walk out of your dorm or apartment just to realize that this outfit isn’t up to your style anymore. It’s too plain. It’s too basic.

We just got done with hot girl summer, and we aren’t going into Christian girl autumn. So how do you spice up this outfit?

There’s nothing cozier than an oversized sweater, but in the heat it can feel like a lot of fabric. To fix this, try wearing just an oversized sweater paired with knee-high boots, ankle boots or just block heels. You can also wear chunky dad sneakers with it, my favorite.

Now the oversized trend is always going to be around, but I love the cropped sweater look. There’s nothing that I love more than strutting around in high-waisted pants, a cropped sweater and heels to add length.

The general rule for outfits is that if it’s shows more leg try dressing it down with flat shoes. If you have long pants or a longer dress, try to add length to yourself by wearing heels or taller shoes. It can elevate any outfit.

Remember that fashion has no rules, so try wearing platform sneakers or wedged boots if you don’t like heels.

Another outfit you could try is a sweater tucked outside of a skirt or any bottoms to give a different silhouette if you’d like to try something new. My favorite look is a pleated skirt with a pastel sweater while adding a fanny-pack type of purse to identify your hips.

Pairing it with socks that match your sweater can help convince anyone that you just strutted your way out of Gossip Girl, especially when paired with loafers.

No matter how you wear your sweaters, just take in the crisp air and get ready for fall!