Demon debate: are ghosts real?

Demon debate: are ghosts real?


Brianna Fife

Visual Editor


I believe ghosts are real. I have had numerous experiences with the supernatural and being a religious woman, I believe they are around us.

There are so many things on this earth that we haven’t discovered. Who are we to say that ghosts don’t exist?

A story I have could be purely coincidental considering the song is a popular Christian song.

My great-grandfather’s health was declining rapidly.

My mom and I were about to get out of her car to go and work at the nursery in a Catholic church where we live when the song Old Rugged Cross by Alan Jackson came on.

My mom and I sat there and listened to the song before we went in, and she told me how they would play this song all the time during worship.

The next time I heard the song was right before my great-grandfather’s funeral. My aunt, my mother and I had just parked, and Old Rugged Cross started playing. We thought it was sad because it was his favorite song.

During the funeral service, they begin playing the playlist for the funeral, and the first song that played was Old Rugged Cross. That experience has me believe for sure that my great-grandfather was communicating in some way with us.



Trinity Velazquez

Viewpoints Editor


The only ghost I believe in is the Holy Ghost. As a Catholic I was raised on the idea that ghosts are not real, and I still believe that to this day.  Growing up I was taught that all souls went to Heaven or Hell.

In the cases of souls that were still attached to the material world or needed more prayers, they went in between to the land of Purgatory for God to decide their fate. says that the Catholic Doctrine defines Purgatory as “a place or condition of temporal punishment for those who, departing this life in God’s grace, are, not entirely free from venial faults, or have not fully paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions.”

In Purgatory, souls can visit the living and leave a mark or sign that they are there to ask for prayers of utility.

There are many stories in the Catholic Church about saints, sisters, priests, monks and ordinary people that have been visited by souls that want or need help.

One example is the story of Eugenie von der Leyen. She kept a diary of the souls that would visit her.

Because of this belief, I know that ghosts are not real. A ghost is a thing that seems to be depicted as having evil intentions and only wants to do harm. A soul is a helpless entity trying to reclaim a sense of being whole.

A ghost and a soul are not the same thing. A soul is real, and a ghost is not.