How to get away with voting –Voting solutions for NSU students who aren’t from Natchitoches

How to get away with voting --Voting solutions for NSU students who aren’t from Natchitoches

Thomas Celles


Louisiana’s general election day is Saturday, and for in-state students from other parishes, this can mean a few things.

For some students, it means missing class to make the drive home to fulfill their civic duties. For others, it is a day like any other but with the slight added guilt of ignoring the election in favor of convenience. However, its not too late for a third option: absentee voting.

Senior Matthew Pass says that he decided to drive home to Shreveport in order to participate in early voting.

“It was only an hour-long drive, and I go home pretty often,” Pass said. “I thought it was important to make a trip up.”

Other students can’t make the drive home so easily. Sarahjane Ladut, senior, said she won’t have the time to go home until the Thanksgiving break since she lives over four hours away. Instead she’s choosing to vote by mail through her parish’s registrar of voters.

Student Body President Jacob Ellis, despite being from Athens, Louisiana, said he’s been registered to vote in Natchitoches since he moved here. According to him, voting is one of the easiest ways for students to make an impact in their communities.

“Students have the power to make things happen in their communities and state,” Ellis said. “It is vital that students use their voice and vote in any election.”

Absentee voting in Louisiana is not uncommon, and being a student attending college outside of the parish of residence is one of the allowable reasons to register to receive an absentee ballot.

To apply, simply go to, which will redirect you to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s webpage on elections. After that, simply go to the “Vote” tab on the left, click “Vote by Mail” and follow the instructions.