How the fork do I move out? — Simple steps will ensure a smooth dorm departure

How the fork do I move out? -- Simple steps will ensure a smooth dorm departure

Brianna Corley

Arts and Living Editor

The semester is ending. There’s a lot going on. Finals are stressful. It’s almost hard to remember the other main event at the end of the semester: moving out.

Packing may suck and tire you out, but you don’t have to completely move out of your dorm at the end of the fall semester.

This may be your third year living on-campus. This may be your first semester. Either way, these tip and tricks will help make the packing process go smoothly.

Bring what you need

 This may be the most obvious, but it is too important not to cover. Make sure to pack the essentials for a long trip home. Students do not move out all of their belongings until the spring, but you will be unable to return to your dorm for a month. Make sure you have all you need to assure a comfortable break between semesters.

Get rid of perishable items

While deciding to finish off your last carton of milk or throw it away, check for perishable items in your refrigerator and freezer to assure your dorm is not infested by a terrible odor and overgrown mold.

Deep clean your dorm

Speaking of odor, be sure to return to a clean dorm after our lengthy holiday. Take out the trash in all rooms, make sure to vacuum and scrub everything from the cabinets to the toilets.

 Lock everything

Last but not least, lock every room in your dorm and the main door to assure everything you leave behind is safe and secure for the upcoming semester. Safety is always first.

Start off the new semester on the right foot by preparing for it before it’s even begun. Follow these steps, and you can enjoy a happy and stress-free break.