Mardi Gras Mambo


Mary Gaffney
Fashion Columnist

Mardi Gras is right around the float — I mean corner — and I’m ready to party so I can feel all the Catholic guilt about it later.

When it comes to my Mardi Gras fashion advice, my past experiences lack in inspiration. My past Mardi Gras looks were never the best. I was either out of town for Mardi Gras or too young to properly dress myself (since you really don’t know what your style is or who you are at a young age). Last year for me was different, I wore the basics of the season.

There is always the classic green, gold and purple combination that you can go for. Those striped shirts are a staple, and there is a reason people still religiously wear it every year. Those t-shirts are so easy and fun to dress up or down, no matter the day.

I love the idea of wearing an oversized Ralph Lauren Polo shirt as a dress, so if you happen to either splurge on one or find a solid colored shirt in a thrift store, you can easily rock the big-shirt look with some tennis shoes or boots. Adding fun socks and accessories to help keep up the Mardi Gras spirit is a definite yes from me.

If you want to keep your legs toasty and warm, since the weather is temperamental in Louisiana, wear pants and either tuck the shirt in or tie the front with itself or a colorful scrunchie that matches the look. There are so many ways to wear the Mardi Gras colors, so get creative and get color-blocking!

Color-blocking is something that I have adored for a long time but only recently got into. For me, it’s finding one color in an outfit and pairing it with similar tones of other colors. You have a pastel purple shirt? Try wearing light golds and greens with the look to keep a subtle yet stylish look.

I also love pairing it with a pop of bright color so it can help elevate the outfit a little further, making it stand out.

Mardi Gras is about partying, so keep that in mind. In New Orleans I would always see people dressed up in costumes, like it was Halloween all over again. And, oh boy, I am here for it.

If you’re more outgoing with your looks, try amping it up by dressing in costume. This part is truly up to you and your imagination, but a lot of the parades in New Orleans are named after Greek and Roman gods and goddess. Centering a look after Zeus, Bacchus or whatever other mythology god or goddess you wish can help you tie a look together with the occasion.

Be sure to sparkle and catch some beads for me, Demons!