Color me surprised

Color me surprised

Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

Spring is on the horizon and to me that means pastels, florals and a lots of candy. I’ve been trying to venture into dressing in colors that aren’t muted tans, whites or blacks because I have been on a classic kick for a long time.

Dressing in pastels and florals is kind of hard for me, especially when most of my wardrobe is not that. Spring is here, and I need colors in my life. Midterms are coming up, and I need as much happiness in my life as possible.

There is nothing that excites me more than waking up to a slightly less cold day where I’m able to wear shorts comfortably. My favorite look for this spring is color blocking, something that the public was extremely into almost three years ago. With flowers growing and ducklings hatching, spring becomes a time of wonder and fun, so let’s show that in our looks.

Color blocking with pastels can simply be picking a shade of a color and sticking with it, going ham throughout the entire outfit. I also love color blocking with different colors that are all pastels.

Try throwing on white bottoms with a pastel top, and if you have pastel shoes that match, shove them on your feet. Matching as many colors as possible is not an eyesore. It’s a challenge that was meant to be accomplished.

I love color blocking in smaller ways such as throwing on a dress and matching a color in the dress to another aspect of my outfit. I love having the color be the focal piece of my outfit (when I do wear color). Having the color stand out can also keep your look feeling casual and cute.

Matching small accessories to your look can also tie it all in nicely, making a dress and sneakers seem like you took more time in the morning. Even the smallest pop of pastel can bring the outfit together.

Now let’s try to bring out the sun so I don’t freeze on the way to class!