Hurricane Laura affects classes at NSU


Kendall Caple   


On the Northwestern State University Student Concerns Facebook page students are voicing their concerns over professors swiftly moving through lessons to make up for lost class time due to Hurricane Laura.  

Allyssa Marshall, junior education major, says that while some are managing better than others, she believes that during these stressful days professors are doing their best to cover the necessary academic material that satisfies student learning needs. 

“I have felt that some of my professors have been unclear about what the new expectations are and whether our course schedule will be undergoing much change. Some professors have been more fair than others. In some of my classes, assignments that we would have started, according to the course schedule, are now not being addressed,” Marshall said.  

 Madison Welborn, junior elementary education major, shared similar thoughts to Marshall’s regarding the canceled week.  

“My professors have, for the most part, been really understanding about this situation. Many of them have told my classmates and I to not worry about being late with assignments so long as we communicate with them,” Welborn said.  

However, while Welborn maintains that student-professor communication will be an effective resource for getting the semester back on track, she is nervous about professors’ plans to go forward with upcoming assignments. 

“For me, that could possibly mean deciding between which class’ material is more important. A student can only study so much and if they are having to study an abundance of material for each class in a short amount of time then that means they could be studying up to three times as usual,” Wellborn said. 

 Assistant Professor of French and Spanish Dr. Benjamin Forkner says that while losing class time at the beginning of a semester due to a hurricane is never easy to recover from, getting back on schedule is not implausible.  

“Fortunately, as most NSU faculty, I spent the summer looking at ways to improve my online classes. This new technology and tightening the calendar a little, me and my colleagues were able to mitigate the lost time. If we’re able to stay on track, the semester should be much smoother than last spring,” Forkner said.