Letter from the editors: do students deserve student media?


Trinity Velazquez 

Current Sauce Editor in Chief

Haleigh Gates 

Potpourri Yearbook Editor in Chief

Student media works way too hard on the newspaper, the yearbook, and the radio station only to be as overlooked as we are. We spend hours in the newsroom designing and editing and all our hard work just sits there on the stands, untouched.  

It’s upsetting seeing the yearbook, that took months to make, end up underneath chairs and tables in the Student Union.  

Student media is more essential now than it has ever been. With the coronavirus spreading through colleges, students need to know what universities are doing when people on campus test positive. 

What happens for a student that can’t go home to quarantine, or what is happening with sharing a room for in campus housing? Not only do students need to know what protocols are in place for their health, but what are universities doing to promote diversity and inclusion amongst the prominent Black Lives Matter movement?  

Student media is actively trying to find the answers to the questions that students may not think the university hears.  

With the election coming up, our generation has the chance to change not only this election but the world with our voices. Student media is the only outlet that promotes student voices, and they are not taking advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to them.   

Just as students feel unheard, we feel unseen. Student media is neglected by everyone that is not in the arts department, or it feels that way.  

Student media feels loved and hated at the same time. It’s crazy that we can be glossed over for months but the moments something is published that people don’t agree with student media gets horrible comments online and has a bad reputation. 

Do students deserve student media?  

The answer will always be yes, but we deserve the recognition for everything we do. We are there at every sports game, every University Programming Council event, and every moment that students bring the campus to life capturing the moments so that you won’t have to remember them. 

It’s our job to bring you the latest information on Northwestern State University and the Natchitoches community. We want nothing more than for students to be aware of what is going on in school.