Loving Layers (Especially if They’re Your Partner’s)


Mary Gaffney  

Fashion Columnist 

With the snow melting I want to bring in spring, but my dreams of frolicking in flowers may come to a halt with the less than desirable weather coming up. Still, looking cute and being put-together can’t be put on hold. There are tons of ways to love your layered look, even if it’s not too bulky.  

This year has been looked forward to, cried for, and now it’s here and crazier than ever. We are still dealing with the virus and social justice issues, but we have much to look forward to! The vaccines are rolling out and, masks (who said staying safe can’t be fashion) have become a new trend. But we also have new jacket trends to love, which are great for the changing weather and shifting of the seasons. 

There are so many different types of jackets this season. This year we’re seeing a lot of boyfriend jackets. I know that I have been loving the oversized look such as boyfriend jeans and big T-shirts. And when it comes to my closet, I’ve just been “borrowing” my boyfriend’s shirts and jackets.  

Stealing your partner’s clothes can make any outfit feel special and a study conducted by the University of British Columbia suggests that wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is beneficial to your mental health. According to research, “women in the relationship felt less stress when wearing the T-shirts of their partners.”  

So, during this stressful time, why not just steal a couple of your partner’s clothes? I love to gravitate toward hoodies and jackets, but I know that some of y’all also love their shirts. I think that with the cold weather holding on that working with your partner’s jackets is a great way to reduce your stress and be reminded of them. It’s also great for those times that you completely forget to wash your clothes and have nothing to wear. 

I love wearing tighter clothes when wearing an oversized jacket or shirt, to show off my figure but also keep the element of comfort. It’s the easiest way to style a look and make sure that it looks presentable. But there are those who look great in baggy shirts and baggy pants, keeping the oversized look going throughout the outfit.  

Still, how you wear your partner’s (or past hook-up’s) clothes is up to you.