Student body elects new leadership

Student body elects new leadership

Christian Bell 


Timothy Holdiness 

News Editor 

The Student Government Association has a new set of leaders for the student body.  

With two energetic campaigns, a new president, vice president and senate have been elected. 

Tjah Edwards and Kaylynn Semien were the winners of the student vote for president and vice president. They received 33 more votes than their challengers Darrin Nixon and Jamarcia Broadway. 

When it comes to their platforms, Edwards and Simeon ran on their experience.  

“We both have experience being on the president’s cabinet,” Edwards’ said. 

Edwards held the secretary position and Simeon held the commissioner of academics position this school year. 

Nixon and Broadway have both been senators for the school year and ran on the platform of ELEVATE.  

Standing for Educational resources, Life on campus, Equality for all, Validation of answers, Assurance, Transparency and Empowerment.  

“Every great leader knows there is always room for improvement and our platform is about making this campus more inclusive and diverse,” Broadway said. 

“Even not being a member of SGA or regardless of the election you will continue to see me at SGA meetings every Monday, still voicing my concerns and still trying to be a voice for the voiceless on campus,” Nixon said. 

According to Edwards, campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic has been hectic and rewarding at the same time.  

“We didn’t feel that we can do certain things by our self, thank God for the people who helped us, because if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think we would be able to feel like we can do the things that we did, and it showed us our potential,” Simeon said. 

Broadway could be seen across campus campaigning in person by handing out flyers in places such as the Eugene P. Watson Memorial Library, the Friedman Student Union and Iberville Dining hall as well as listening to student concerns. 

“I want to be a person about my actions not my words, being a voice of the students is important because you want to be the voice and the vision not just the voice,” Broadway said. 

Edwards said they focused their campaign on social media and used the resources of other students to spread the word.  

When asked to give a tip to current students, the candidates each responded differently.  

“Get involved on campus. Getting involved helps with your network. There is a famous mantra that your network is your net worth,” Nixon said. 

“Find what your passionate about and don’t stop trying. Sometimes you may fail, but in the long run you will get that win,” Broadway said. 

“A lot of good comes from getting out of your comfort zone. Keep your focus, know what you’re here for, you can have fun but don’t get distracted, and be yourself,” Edwards said. 

“It is ok to be friendly and get out of your comfort zone, take the time out for self-care, it is easy to lose yourself on a college campus,” Simeon said. 

The new administration was sworn in Monday, April 26 with the rest of the senate.  

Senator Grace Goccerand was elected as the new speaker of the senate.  

Senator Alayna Parham was appointed as secretary while Carly Blondin was elected treasurer after running unopposed.