Purple Priday


Mary Gaffney 

Fashion Columnist 

Wearing purple with pride is a right that all members of Northwestern State University get to have. Demons wear purple on Fridays. It’s that simple. Showing pride in our school is a great way to also throw in some color into your wardrobe by wearing purple with white or orange, no matter how many may feel that purple and orange don’t belong together. I only have two Fridays left as a current demon, so I want y’all to know the best ways, my favorite ways, to wear purple with pride.  

The easiest thing to do is to throw on a purple NSU shirt, pairing it with a nice matching bottom and shoes. That’s pretty simple, right? Throwing on a nice shirt with either biker shorts or even just jean shorts. Tying your shirt at the front or cropping can help with keeping a shirt to stop from becoming stale in your wardrobe. I love to dress up a shirt with a skirt and heels, being able to stay comfortable and classic in my outfit. Still, if you aren’t a fan of just wearing the same old shirt and jeans, definitely try out wearing your NSU shirts in a different way. 

Throwing a shirt over a dress can feel like a lot of layers, especially in the heat that is going to be upon us, but if you have a light-weight dress or shirt, your outfit can be cool and cute at the same time. I really love tying my shirt over my dresses, making them look like skirts, or just tying them over my skirts, making me look like a knock off Pinterest girl. And I like it that way honestly.  

If you want to be bolder with your purple, try matching it with different NSU associated colors. Purple and white are classics when it comes to our school, but maybe try being daring and pairing a purple top with an orange bottom. Really, however you decide to wear purple, remember, demons, to wear it with pride!