Lorde’s new album will bring you home


"Lorde" by Constanza.CH is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lorde may put you in a headspace of decompression and relaxation.

The past year has been an absolutely insane one for the record, and many times it is hard to separate the good from the bad. Sometimes you want to get away from it all, but where would you go? How about New Zealand? While we can’t just book a flight and send ourselves away, this new album by Lorde may put you in a headspace of decompression and relaxation.

After four years of her hiatus, we finally have a new album by Lorde. In Lorde’s new album, “Solar Power,” she uses her soothing voice, simple harmonies, and melodies to capture the listener in a sweet, soft, and calming state.

Overall, “Solar Power” was inspired by her different experiences in her home of New Zealand, and all of the songs were written for different reasons. Each song connects at the center of where she is most calm, New Zealand.

The opening song of her album, “The Path,” leads us on a calming experience paired with Lorde’s lyrical genius. This song alone sets a tone for the whole album; mellow, calm and eye-opening.

The song that became most popular since the release is the album’s namesake song, and the first single she released from the album, “Solar Power.”

This song leads with a rhythmic guitar strum and Lorde’s sweet vocals on top of the instrumental, not to mention the overlapping vocals that make this whole song feel like something you put on to drive to near the coast or when you just want something to raise your spirits.

If you haven’t listened already, this album is one to check out. My three personal favorite songs from the album are the album’s namesake, “Solar Power,” The Man with the Axe,” and “Dominoes.”

If you are looking for an album to take you away from the stressful and busy life of today, then I definitely suggest you give this album a listen. The overall vibe of this feels like a great refresh to listen to alone or with friends.