Students react to homecoming’s full return during COVID-19


Timothy Holdiness

With full-fledged homecoming returning during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, complete with a parade which was cancelled last year, students expressed mixed opinions.

After the unconventional 2020 homecoming celebration held last spring, Northwestern State University of Louisiana will move into its 2021 homecoming with a full schedule of events.

With full-fledged homecoming returning during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, complete with a parade which was canceled last year, students expressed mixed opinions.

“Last year was nothing like I expected, so I don’t know where to go or what to do when it comes to college homecoming this year,” House Rodriguez, a junior English major, said.

Rodriguez stated that the best way to accomplish normalcy is to be cautious now.

“I don’t think it’s the best to have an unadulterated homecoming,” Rodriguez said.

Returning students aren’t the only ones unsure of what homecoming will be like.

“I’ve only ever been to high school homecoming,” said Skye Kennedy, a freshman biology major. “I’m not worried about missing out on a normal homecoming if it means staying safe and continuing to take COVID precautions.”

Taylor Young, a freshman general studies major, said, “It’s going to be the most entertaining homecoming week of my college career.”

Despite Young’s excitement for the homecoming events, she still holds reservations.

“I am happy that we are returning to normal but still anxious as COVID is not gone,” Young said. “We could very easily have an outbreak on campus with all of the upcoming events.”

Sam Onellion, a freshman sound tech theater major, feels it is too soon to return to a normal homecoming.

“COVID-19 is just starting to slow down and I understand wanting to have a sense of normalcy,” Onellion said. “I want things to go back to normal but for that to happen I think we should be as careful as long as we can.”

While there is uneasiness around the 2021 homecoming events, other students couldn’t be more excited for homecoming week.

“I’m pumped to be back,” said D’Sherrick Williams, a senior dance major and member of the Demon Heat Colorguard. “It feels exhilarating to be able to hit those night lights with my fellow demons.”

Williams said, “Honestly, it’s an up after the COVID-19 semester, and a great end to my time here at NSU.”

Braxton Johnson, a freshman fine and graphic arts major, is happy about the return to a more normal homecoming.

“I am more of a hands-on person. To be able to return to normal gives me the chance to learn, adapt and grow into the college life and freedom of the outside world,” Johnson said.

Genesis Delaney, freshman biology major, expressed she felt vaccines are helping combat COVID-19.

“I feel as if homecoming would be a good thing for all of us,” Delaney said. “It’s giving us a chance to come as one again to have a good time and take away the stress of school.”