Is hazing training working?



Hazing training is taken annually for students in recognized student organizations at Northwestern State University.

In 2018, the Louisiana state legislature passed the Max Gruver Act, requiring student organizations to complete at least one hour of hazing training every year.

Students at Northwestern State University of Louisiana have two options: attend in-person sessions or access the training online.

Makiya Jackson, a sophomore psychology major, said it is effective and informative training.

Retha Cox, executive director of First Year Experience and leadership development, said having a conversation with students is better.

“There is the opportunity to answer questions, at that point in time,” said Cox.

Kelsten Antoine, junior math major, said it is effective to a certain extent.

“I feel like everyone knows about the consequences of hazing from social media,” said Antoine. “The training isn’t really new information.”

Cox said the training is not the only time hazing prevention is discussed at NSU.

Cox explained that there were multiple partner-hosted events during Hazing Prevention Week in September, such as Greek Life, Student Activities and Organizations, Student Government Association Northwestern State University of Louisiana, First Year Experience and Alpha Lambda Delta.

“We keep the conversation going,” Cox said.

Cox said hazing policies were introduced at freshman connection during the “To Be a Demon” skit.

“The importance of keeping our students safe, and the value we hold as demons,” said Cox. “We have incorporated at every opportunity.”