Tis the season to stay in style


"ugly Christmas sweaters / ski sweaters" by TheUglySweaterShop is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s the time of year to pick from an array of either ugly or cute Christmas sweaters.

Ho, ho, ho! It’s finally that time of year and it certainly arrived quickly. The Christmas season is upon us so put away those well-thought-out Halloween costumes and bust out your best-looking Christmas sweaters and cozy socks, because it is time to “sleigh” this year’s Christmas fashion.

Let’s start with a classic: ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas sweaters, reminiscent of awkward family photos from the 1980s, have become such a phenomenon that they have entire parties themed around them. If you have been living under a rock your whole life and are not quite sure what I’m talking about let me give you the rundown.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are the one time a year families and friends come together to create the most heinous sweaters known to mankind. People take to their local craft stores or even just browse around their house to find any creative way to decorate and establish the best ugliest sweater in hopes to win the ugly sweater contest.

But these sweaters do not just need to be made. The ugly sweater party pass time has become so well known stores across the United States have taken their chance to create their own ugly sweaters. Amazon, Walmart and many more have dedicated sections to these sweaters to fulfill your ugliest fantasies.

Although these goofy sweaters are very popular and a holiday hit they just aren’t for everyone.

If you would prefer staying classy, sassy and a little less tacky this holiday season simply search for something that has the holiday color palette. For instance, Christmas is known for its signature color red. For an easy way to share your holiday spirit, try to find a red sweater to wear.

If sweaters aren’t your thing, you simply can’t go wrong with a cardigan. Wearing a cardigan allows you to layer which is a key factor around this time of year because you want to make sure you stay toasty. Plus, layers of wintry clothes suit everyone.

So if you want to dive into cardigans, look for shirts that best fit a cardigan and your style. An easy option would be to wear colored shirts because they can add an elegant yet casual spice to your outfit.

Whether you wear one of those ugly sweaters, because the chance only comes around one month a year so have fun and be wild, or you choose the more elegant side of holiday looks, the holidays are a good time of the year to really start to express yourself and revamp your style.