For its members, NSU’s Rowing Team is like home


Submitted by Hunter Bell

The rowing team is a fall and spring organization that constantly recruits new members.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s rowing team has built a community at NSU.

A fall and spring organization that constantly recruits new members, the team welcomes anyone regardless of their experience in rowing.

A typical practice for the team was described by Hunter Bell, senior biomedical major, who has been a member for four years.

“Practices change depending on what rowers are available to show up and what each boat needs to work on to make them more competitive on the water,” Bell said. “But the general workout is usually a short jog or something to warm up our muscles and then approximately one and half to two hours on the water.”

In addition to their everyday practices, the rowers workout at the Wellness Recreation and Activities Center. Specifically in rowing machines that allows them to exercise every part of their body to improve their rowing technique.

The rowing team competes in regattas, which are races for rowers. In the fall, the rowing team competes in 5k regattas that focus on endurance. In the spring, the team competes in 2k regattas that give more emphasis on power and technique.

The pandemic cancelled the majority of races last year but that has not stopped the rowing team. Bell mentioned that despite the obstacles because of COVID-19, they have done well this year.

“This year alone we got four medals at our first regatta, three gold, one silver, five medals at our second regatta, two silver, three bronze and three medals at our final regatta one gold, two bronze,” said Bell.

Madison Hanson, senior psychology major, has been a member for four years.

“We had a great fall semester, every regatta we had people medal. Including our last regatta in Wichita, Kansas where we had a boat win first place in a race of twelve boats,” Hanson said. “It was a great experience for everyone and made the effort and sweat we all put into this season worth it and incredibly satisfying to see all the hard work pay off.”

Christopher Acker, a freshman majoring in biology natural science, is grateful that despite not making any regattas he is still welcomed to be a part of the team.

“They work with my busy schedule, even though I am in band and didn’t go to any fall races,” Acker said.

Junior business accounting major Stephen Juneau has been part of the rowing team for three years.

“It’s probably the most team oriented sport I have participated in,” said Juneau, “In the boat, you all have to be in sync with each other. You have to put the paddles in the water at the same time, you have to slide at the same time, and it’s something I’ve never experienced with any other sport.”