NSU presents: The Skunkening


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NSU students from all walks of life have heard the rumors, and some have even seen the proof: We are not alone here.

There have been multiple reports of skunk activity around campus; there are even some who speak of a whole skunk clan. The Current Sauce has named the leader Salsa – the reason being that we sometimes call ourselves The Current Salsa – but many are too afraid to even speak its name. Will the alleged skunk clan turn into a skunk empire?
Junior musical theatre major Addison Hinson recalls a dark evening when he had his first skunk encounter.

“I was leaving A.A. Fredericks after a late night rehearsal, and a car’s headlights were on, blinking at me,” Hinson said. “All of a sudden, [the guy in the car] yelled ‘IT’S BEHIND YOU!’ I heard a scurry and saw the ugliest sight I’ve ever seen. That bastard chased me for a solid two minutes when I finally took off sprinting for my life. I kind of cried a little bit, and then I drove on my merry way to tell the tale.”

Veterinary Tech major Kaitlyn Rose encountered a skunk her first day on campus before classes started.

“[The] little sucker was in the grass area near Kyser,” Rose said. “Broad daylight, he was just running and doing his own thing.”
Innocent by day, stink bandit by night? We may not be able to predict their patterns, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should condemn our skunk neighbors. Professor of English Julie Kane feels that if Animal Control were to get involved, it is important to protect them.

“Please ensure that they are relocated and not killed,” Kane said on a Facebook thread about the skunkening.

Dean of Students Frances Conine shared a story of the skunks from years ago at Varnado Hall.

“A girl had a couple of baby skunks she found around the dorm in a box in her room,” Conine said. “She thought they were kittens.”

In the words of Pepé Le Pew, “Quelle est? Ah, le belle femme skunk fatale.”