Twitter celebrates 11 years


Photo by: Creative Commons


It’s been just over 11 years since Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted “just setting up my twttr,” according to, on March 21, 2006.

Twitter has grown from a five-person startup into a multi-billion-dollar company over its decade of existence.

While some have trouble with the 140-character limit, the limit on the social media network is to make every tweet “scan friendly,” according to This promotes a focused and clever use of language that makes tweets easy to scan, but challenging to write.

Most NSU students are familiar with “#coolprez” Dr. Jim Henderson and his presence on social media.

“Twitter can be an extraordinarily effective communication tool when used correctly. Authenticity is key. Followers will tune out if your tweets are trite or seem contrived,” Dr. Jim Henderson, president of the University of Louisiana System said. “Twitter is also an invaluable tool for the pithy introvert when it comes to establishing connections with others.”

According to, people today prefer advertising that is instant, unobtrusive and accessible when they want it. Twitter is about discovering people around the world and building a following of people who are interested in you and your values.

Communications Instructor Emily Zering introduces the platform in her Writing and Reporting for New Media class.

“My class is about learning how to package information and/or messaging for new media,” Zering said. “This includes internet-based communications vehicles that includes Twitter. Obviously, it’s a big part of my class because Twitter is how we communicate in that fashion.”

Communications major Thea Berry said she does not like Twitter because it gives “idiots a chance to voice their opinion,” but admits she does see its usefulness in some circumstances.

“If you’re promoting yourself, then Twitter is effective because it gives everyone a chance to see your art in an instant,” Berry said.