Gala, the most wonderful time of the year

Lights, music and little wooden soldiers fill the stage as the holiday season approaches. Northwestern State’s 2017 Christmas Gala is just around the corner, and performers are just as excited to perform as the community is to watch.

Smiles were plastered on every face at recent rehearsals as the finishing touches were put on the show. Sophomore Demon Heat color guard member Chris Wynn said he is looking forward to entertaining audiences with their performance.

“I love how the kids get excited about Christmas,” Wynn said.

Fellow Demon Heat member Colleen Carline is also looking forward to the kids’ excitement.

“After the finale, the color guard lines up on the front row [to] interact with the kids in front of us,” she said. “Last year, they high fived us and asked us cute questions, so I’m looking forward to that again.”

There are some acts that are the same as last year’s Gala, but others are new. Even some of the classic ones contain a new twist. A crowd favorite, the wooden soldiers, is making a return along with a brand new humorous skit to be performed between acts.

As the performers scramble to prepare for Gala, the season’s spirit shines through them.

“Gala really does the trick of getting me in the Christmas spirit,” Wynn said.

Though rehearsals can be time-consuming, Carline loves seeing all the other acts practice as well.

“Everyone is so talented,” she said.

NSU’s School of Creative and Performing Arts exhibits the wide variety of talent that students possess. Many types of performances will be showcased with hundreds of students and faculty on stage or working hard behind the scenes.

Aside from the talented stage performers, backstage help cannot be forgotten. Those who work behind the scenes have put countless hours into the show to make sure the performers look great. Whether it be props, costumes or sound, NSU students with all areas of talent are getting to showcase what they love to do.

All of the acts are perfecting last-minute details, and overall staging and sound are being perfected. Directors of all the different groups are making small changes to ensure the performance is the very best it can be.

The atmosphere of the rehearsals is very positive and exciting, and each group applauds and cheers on the others.

Carline and Wynn both agree the show is more festive and better than last year. Both are excited about Demon Heat’s involvement for the second year in a row.

Gala runs Nov. 29 thru Dec. 1 with performances at 7 p.m every night and an additional performance at 9 p.m. on Dec 1. There will also be one performance in Shreveport at the Strand Theatre Dec. 10 at 4 p.m.

For information about tickets and times, visit the CAPA website, or call the CAPA office at 318-357-4522. Students can stop by the office with their student ID to get a free ticket to one of the shows.