New eats: Chicken Express opens


A brand-new Chicken Express opened on South Drive Feb. 5, giving Natchitoches residents another fast food option. The restaurant will host a grand opening ceremony on Feb. 14.

Kelli Hickerson, junior, explains that her family of six eats there often when she goes home. For larger families, the restaurant provides a lot of food for a reasonable price.

“I am very, very excited,” she said. “It’s going to offer us more diversity and it’s just another place I can [go] to with my friends.”

Joe Harris, one of the owners, said they chose this location because they were looking for a larger town, and this town was a natural choice. They always wanted to start a business here, partially due to having family ties in the area.

“Over the years that we come here we really do like the city of Natchitoches,” said Robert Harris, the other owner. “We love the old-timey atmosphere, and it’s a bigger town, too.”

This new location will serve chicken strips, boneless wings, fish, gizzards, livers, spicy chicken wings and more. It offers many side options including macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and their popular fried okra.

Chicken Express will give 10-percent discounts to first responders, and they are looking to develop a good relationship with not only NSU, but Natchitoches as a whole. They are considering student discounts.