Lost and (not) found

It happens to the best of us. We finally think we have our life together, then boom: We lose something. Whether it’s a notebook, calculator or cell phone, it’s valuable enough to make us freak out for the rest of the day.

You try to backtrack your day, but sometimes you just don’t know where to start. I went to some popular buildings on campus to find the most interesting items people may or may not be missing.


Room 214 of the Student Union

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  • water bottles with water still in them (Gross)
  • lots of clothes (How do you lose clothes?)
  • a school bag with someone’s stuff still in it (Might want to find that, pal.)
  • one high heel (Someone had fun that night.)
  • keys to a Ford (If anyone’s looking)




Kyser Hall

Shockingly, Kyser Hall doesn’t have a designated lost and found. A nice woman on the first floor told me they run their own system: Usually a lost item is brought to the first office door open on any floor. If it’s very valuable, it is brought to the police station. If it’s something like keys, it’s set on a counter and usually found the day it’s lost.


Creative and Performing Arts

CAPA, unlike Kyser Hall, does have a lost and found, but there was nothing in it. I’m honestly shocked, because most theater kids I know are walking in and out of the building barely able to hold their belongings in two hands.


Bienvenu Hall

The lost and found in Bienvenu Hall is in Room 114, but they also didn’t have anything. I was told that they usually receive wallets and phones, so most people are coming back for those sooner rather than later.


Russell Hall

When you walk into Russell Hall, there’s a sign telling you to go to Room 114A. When you get there, there’s another sign telling you to go to Room 201. When you get to Room 201, it’s locked. How useful.


Morrison Hall

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  • a Kappa Sigma pin (Yo buddy, you better find it. That’s important.)
  • one earring (It needs a friend.)
  • a spray bottle???
  • headphones (The cheap kind, too)




Police Station and Library

You can’t just look through the lost and found bins here. You need to describe what you lost to the employee at the desk, and they will look in the bin for it.



I’m surprised that most buildings I checked had either no lost and found area or nothing in it. I guess people are organized this semester, but I have a feeling the most common item lost in every building is a student’s motivation.