University Police to host active shooter seminars


Concerning the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, it is apparent now more than ever that NSU students need to be aware of our policies in case a shooter threatens our campus’ safety.

University Police will host a series of one hour active shooter seminars March 7 and 8, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Friedman Student Union Ballroom.

Jon Caliste, director of University Safety and Compliance at NSU, explained law enforcement has three main priorities when it comes to a campus shooter: first is to stop the threat; second is to aide injured people; third is to evacuate the area.

“Our number one priority as a law enforcement department is to stop the killing,” Caliste said.

Law enforcement at NSU trains specifically with these priorities in mind. Officers are also trained in expecting how students will react, and they are able to find out who is in each building on campus to see if they are okay.

University Police teaches three basic tenets for active shooter situations: avoid, deny and defend. Freshmen in University Studies classes are taught this by certified officers during their first semester.

A handout from University Police outlines procedures that students should take in the event of an emergency in a classroom, apartment or dorm room, and office. This leaflet is available at the police station.

Safety methods include the following: stay away from windows, silence your phone and keep quiet, close blinds and cover windows, turn off lights and stay in the room until an “all clear” is sent via Purple Alert.

Sign up for NSU’s emergency notification system, Purple Alert, here.