Argus editor announces 2018 winners

Contest Winners


1st place – Cleanse / Allie Atkinson

2nd place – The Good Walmart Sweater / Maggie Harris

3rd place – Color Me In / Nicholas Jones


1st place – The Heart Tailor / Casey Alfultis

2nd place – The Garden of Portraits / Maggie Harris

3rd place – Procrastination and Imagination / Skylar Guidroz

Honorable Mention – Old New Mexico Blues / Ruben E. Smith


1st place – Fifteen Minutes with Freaks for Jesus and the Snake Lady / Bruce Craft

2nd place – Good Old Saint Expedite / Christian Frost

3rd place – Now You’re Speaking My Language / Ashante Knox

Honorable Mention – Why My Son Won’t Eat With Me… / Bruce Craft


1st place – Air Show / Sean McGraw

2nd place – The Beach is Calling / Kailey Wisthoff

3rd place – darks and lights / Emilee Landry

Staff Pick – The Sea Speaks / Alexis Trosclair


Fine Arts:

1st place – Winding Road / Laura Scronce

2nd place – Yin and Yang / Ariel Bailey

3rd place – The Mighty Kraken / Maddie Manuel

Staff Pick – Sea Dragon / Ariel Bailey


Congratulations to the 2018 Argus Language winners who demonstrated their own language through masterfully written poetry, entertaining fiction, captivating nonfiction and beautiful photography and artwork.

We would also like to acknowledge our judges as well for their non-biased and exceptional choices: Vanessa Velez (Fine Art), Alfonso Briseño (Photography), Jacob Hammer (Poetry), Clint Peters (Nonfiction) and Frisco Edwards (Fiction).

As the current Editor-in-Chief, I would like to personally congratulate my junior editor Allie Atkinson on winning first place in Poetry and our previous Editor-in-Chief Maggie Harris on winning second place in both Poetry and Fiction. Lastly, I am incredibly proud of Casey Alfultis for winning first place in Fiction.

I am constantly encouraging people to submit their writing and to have self-confidence; my advice for those looking to submit in the coming years is to keep writing. Always keep the pen flowing or the keys typing, and the world will be amazed at the language that flows out of you!

Congratulations again to all of our winners and to those who will be published in our magazine, coming out very shortly. Keep an eye out for our release, and always keep writing!