Student starts designated driver service

Living in a small town has its benefits, but also its disadvantages – one being a lack of driving services and transportation. This leaves Natchitoches college students in a bind when they want to go out and party but don’t want to be designated drivers.

That’s where Northwestern State University sophomore Reagan Escudé comes in. Using Twitter as her sole advertising method, Escudé has become a designated driver for NSU students who wouldn’t otherwise have a safe ride home.

Escudé saw this as an opportunity to pocket cash and increase the safety of students.

“It’s a way to make extra, easy money, and it benefits both parties involved,” she said.

She believes there’s a prominence of drunk driving in Natchitoches, and wants to help minimize it.

She started this service in January with a simple tweet:

Print: “Starting a driving service in Natchitoches for anyone who might need a ride on the weekends!! My car fits up to 4 people. I’ll charge for distance per person. DM me for my number & RT to spread the word!!!”

Web embed:

Now her business is getting promoted through local bars and businesses.

“If I have the information I can promote for [Escudé] and help her out,” said Ron Bolton, owner of local club The Edge.

Escudé mainly has positive experiences with her service, and so do her customers.

“All good,” junior Ragan Aple said. “No bad. It’s convenient because she’s always on time and ready to pick you up and drop you off whenever you need her.”

Escudé charges $10 per ride, will drive from I-49 to the Marina and offers service every other weekend Thursday through Saturday. For more information, contact Reagan Escudé on Twitter at @reaganescude