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Watching the “Dear Evan Hansen” film felt like I was constantly having my fight or flight ignited, and instead of running, I could only freeze.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is beyond dissapointing

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 15, 2021

As it stands, “Dear Evan Hansen” is, without a doubt, the worst movie I’ve ever invested $6 and two and a half hours of my time in. I don’t take any joy from saying that, aside from the all-star...

Northwestern State University Presidential Search Committee meet to choose six finalists for President of NSU.

Semifinalists for NSU president chosen

Timothy Holdiness, Current Sauce News Editor October 15, 2021

The search continues for the next president of Northwestern State University of Louisiana after former President Chris Maggio retired and Marcus Jones stepped in as interim president in June. The board...

Senators Caroline Bourgeois, Anna McMillon and Kyle Courville prepare for the weekly Student Government Association meeting.

SGA announces swipe out for hunger applications open

Timothy Holdiness, Current Sauce News Editor October 15, 2021

At the Student Government Association of Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s meeting on Oct. 11, President Tja'h Edwards announced that online applications for Swipe Out Hunger are now live...

Even just a small act of genuine kindness can invite any person to trust someone.

“Raya and the Last Dragon:” a princess who doesn’t need saving

Mary Fletcher, Current Sauce Arts and Living Reporter October 14, 2021

A magical dragon, a warrior princess and the fate of her entire nation in her hands. Does that sound familiar? If so, you have most likely watched “Raya and the Last Dragon,” featuring Kelly Marie...

While the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame houses one of the more niche interests of Natchitoches, the museum hosts a wide variety of exhibits.

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame: Niche Louisiana history

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 13, 2021

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame is one of the more contemporary places to admire the history of Natchitoches and Louisiana as a whole. Athletes and sports contributors are immortalized and remembered...

With a society so influenced by the media and content, it would only make sense for the idea of a television show on activism to arise.

Activism: a force in society moved to reality TV

Kelsie Campbell, Current Sauce Opinion Columnist October 12, 2021

Activism. A movement of action to bring about political or societal change. When thinking of activism, many people will have a few key ideas pop up first. For me, the first thing I think of is change....

NSU has done so much for me that I will be forever grateful for.

My college experience without guidance

Emily Ware, Current Sauce Reporter October 11, 2021

College is hard on its own, especially when you are doing it alone. I have been attending Northwestern State University of Louisiana for three years now, but my story truly begins March 27, 2020, when...

On the second floor of Kyser Hall a vast collection of history is on display. The Williamson Museum houses four walls of a wide variety of Native American artifacts and copies of historical items.

Williamson Museum: Preserving history for 100 years

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 11, 2021

Natchitoches is full of history, art and moments collected, preserved and displayed behind glass. As I was beginning to plan this series of museum reviews and tours, it felt only right that I begin...

On Oct. 8, 2021, what had nationally been celebrated as Columbus Day since 1792 was changed, and with it, the future for all Native Americans across the country.

Why Indigenous Peoples’ Day is important to me and should be important to you

Lora Luquet, Current Sauce Copy Editor October 11, 2021

Being adopted at birth and moving from Dulac, Louisiana, where the United Houma Nation resides, to Norco, Louisiana made my Native American heritage feel unfamiliar to me for some of my life. I was...

No one has the same preference when it comes to deciding the college they want to attend.

On prefering a smaller college

Krista Hanson, Current Sauce Viewpoints Editor October 8, 2021

For a long time, I knew where I wanted to go to college. In high school, I marched with my school’s color guard. I didn’t know what I wanted to do career-wise, but I knew if I wanted to continue marching...

Latinx Heritage Month should be celebrated by remembering their names and knowing their stories.

Latinx heritage month: celebrating and highlighting hispanic culture

Lia Portillo Cantarero, Current Sauce Contributing Writer October 8, 2021

What makes someone Hispanic is more than the ability to say “hola” and speak fluent Spanish. The culture is about the foods, the music, the colors and the family-oriented environment. It’s about...

Mackenzie Scroggs, a sophomore dance major, was crowned the 2021 Lady of the Bracelet.

MacKenzie Scroggs crowned Lady of the Bracelet

Kaleb Gauthier, Current Sauce Reporter October 7, 2021

On Sept. 29, Northwestern State University of Louisiana selected the 2021 Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet, the 64th title since the inception of the scholarship program. “Miss LOB is a preliminary...

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