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Northwestern State University Presidential Search Committee meet to choose six finalists for President of NSU.
Semifinalists for NSU president chosen
October 15, 2021

The search continues for the next president of Northwestern State University of Louisiana after former President Chris Maggio retired and Marcus...

Watching the “Dear Evan Hansen” film felt like I was constantly having my fight or flight ignited, and instead of running, I could only freeze.
"Dear Evan Hansen" is beyond dissapointing
Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor • October 15, 2021

As it stands, “Dear Evan Hansen” is, without a doubt, the worst movie I’ve ever invested $6 and two and a half hours of my time in. I don’t...

For former baseball student athletes at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, some players after graduation have seen potential success in their strive for professional work.
NSU baseball provides efficiency for future pros
Colin Vedros, Current Sauce Sports Editor • October 4, 2021

Student athletes strive for excellence in every aspect of being a student athlete: work hard, study hard and enjoy the time you have in college. With...

With a society so influenced by the media and content, it would only make sense for the idea of a television show on activism to arise.
Activism: a force in society moved to reality TV
Kelsie Campbell, Current Sauce Opinion Columnist • October 12, 2021

Activism. A movement of action to bring about political or societal change. When thinking of activism, many people will have a few key ideas...