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Even just a small act of genuine kindness can invite any person to trust someone.

“Raya and the Last Dragon:” a princess who doesn’t need saving

Mary Fletcher, Current Sauce Arts and Living Reporter October 14, 2021

A magical dragon, a warrior princess and the fate of her entire nation in her hands. Does that sound familiar? If so, you have most likely watched “Raya and the Last Dragon,” featuring Kelly Marie...

While the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame houses one of the more niche interests of Natchitoches, the museum hosts a wide variety of exhibits.

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame: Niche Louisiana history

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 13, 2021

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame is one of the more contemporary places to admire the history of Natchitoches and Louisiana as a whole. Athletes and sports contributors are immortalized and remembered...

With a society so influenced by the media and content, it would only make sense for the idea of a television show on activism to arise.

Activism: a force in society moved to reality TV

Kelsie Campbell, Current Sauce Opinion Columnist October 12, 2021

Activism. A movement of action to bring about political or societal change. When thinking of activism, many people will have a few key ideas pop up first. For me, the first thing I think of is change....

On the second floor of Kyser Hall a vast collection of history is on display. The Williamson Museum houses four walls of a wide variety of Native American artifacts and copies of historical items.

Williamson Museum: Preserving history for 100 years

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 11, 2021

Natchitoches is full of history, art and moments collected, preserved and displayed behind glass. As I was beginning to plan this series of museum reviews and tours, it felt only right that I begin...

Latinx Heritage Month should be celebrated by remembering their names and knowing their stories.

Latinx heritage month: celebrating and highlighting hispanic culture

Lia Portillo Cantarero, Current Sauce Contributing Writer October 8, 2021

What makes someone Hispanic is more than the ability to say “hola” and speak fluent Spanish. The culture is about the foods, the music, the colors and the family-oriented environment. It’s about...

Melissa Broders latest novel Milk Fed is a force to be reckoned with.

Melissa Broder: contemporary fiction in motion

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor October 6, 2021

Guilt, sex and captivating prose, Melissa Broder builds a world of human experience. On Sep. 23, 2021, Broder joined Northwestern State University’s Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural...

Reservation Dogs does a good job of representing Indigenous Peoples cultures and traditions.

“Reservation Dogs” works to properly represent indigenous people

Mary Fletcher, Current Sauce Arts and Living Reporter October 5, 2021

For decades, the media has struggled with the best way to appropriately represent indigenous people. It seemed that the only way indigenous people could be represented was either as an enemy to John Wayne...

Lorde may put you in a headspace of decompression and relaxation.

Lorde’s new album will bring you home

Landry Allen, KNWD Music Director October 1, 2021

The past year has been an absolutely insane one for the record, and many times it is hard to separate the good from the bad. Sometimes you want to get away from it all, but where would you go? How about...

A contrast of how fashion has transformed into something new over the decades.

Fashion through the eras

Kevin Thomas, Current Sauce Fashion Columnist September 30, 2021

Fashion, style, wardrobe, whatever you choose to call it, has been around for decades and has always inspired others to establish their true selves. The earliest times in Western culture that fashion...

Tessa Rae is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Oakland, writing her own music in her living room with her best friend.

Artist of the week: Tessa Rae

September 28, 2021

Tessa Rae is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Oakland, California, writing her own music in her living room with her best friend. Tessa Rae is an upcoming artist with songs “Drunk Eyes”, “Tangled,”...

Mr. Stinky, now in his dying down stage, is residing in the Creative and Performing Arts building in Corbin Covher’s room, associate professor of art and facilities manager for the Department of Fine and Graphic Arts.

Mr. Stinky: a natural wonder

Emily Ware, Current Sauce Reporter September 27, 2021

People have traveled and sat in front of a screen for a chance to get a glimpse of the infamous Mr. Stinky, the rare amorphophallus titanum plant on Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s campus. The...

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is renowned for creative an exciting, safe performance for every person to take off their rose-tinted glasses and see the world a little differently.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show:” an NSU tradition lives on

Carly Chandler, Current Sauce Arts and Living Editor September 24, 2021

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” initially released in 1975, is an iconic piece of queer cinema that, as the years have passed, has become a cult classic and still remains popular with fans, new and...

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