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Purple Media Network

Purple Media Network

About Purple Media Network values the three Cs: collaboration, community and connection. PMN is a collaboration of Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s news outlet, The Current Sauce, and student run radio station, KNWD, that provides NSU’s news, sports and entertainment in one place. It works to uplift the community’s voices and foster connections throughout NSU and beyond.

The Current Sauce 

The Current Sauce, the independent, student-operated newspaper at Northwestern, is published on campus during the fall and spring semesters to Purple Media Network, with special print editions being printed and distributed throughout the year. The paper covers campus and community activities as well as relevant social issues that concern students. Student scholarships are available for staff members.


KNWD 91.7 FM is a non-commercial radio station licensed to the Board of Trustees of Northwestern State University and operating out of facilities at 109 Kyser Hall. KNWD transmits a digital stereo FM signal 24 hours a day to the university community and the City of Natchitoches and surrounding areas. Only students are allowed to work for KNWD, which provides opportunities to acquire radio management skills and become disc jockeys. Scholarships are available for some positions and any student may apply to work without pay in the station.

NSU-TV News Service

NSU – TV News Service is a student-driven media platform. Working in this program, students follow new media and ethical standards to gain professional, hands-on broadcast experience preparing them for careers in the multimedia production industry. Our organization creates awareness of the diverse and changing nature of the modern media landscape while developing esprit de corps among current members, the professional production community, and alumni.


NSU’s yearbook, the Potpourri is an independent student media organization. Students plan, design, and produce it. Many editorial staff members receive performance scholarships linked to their responsibilities. The book’s coverage runs from March to March of each year, allowing the staff to feature many a campus event.


Argus is Northwestern State University’s Art and Literary Magazine that was started in 1976. The contents of the magazine—poetry, prose, fine art, and photography—are created entirely by students at NSU. Argus’ staff is also made up of NSU students that work on a scholarship. The magazine considers work by students from all majors and programs (not only Art majors and/or English majors). There is a theme for each edition, which comes out once every academic year. Students whose work is accepted for publication are also eligible to win cash prizes in each category if they win 1st-3rd place. If the work is accepted in general, then that looks good on the student’s resume.