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Party Girl goes jailbreaking

Anyone who is anyone at Northwestern State knows that the start of a new fall semester brings one thing and one thing only: jailbreak. And naturally, with jailbreak comes a good bit of ridiculousness.

Such as showing up to The Press Box in your brand-new outfit at 9 p.m. to get a wristband, only to leave and return at the more reasonable hour of 11 p.m. to find that the place has already reached capacity and you are SOL.

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to get in… or maybe not so lucky considering the temperature inside was hovering around a pleasant 100 degrees. Let’s not mention the foggy bathroom mirrors, and the smell of body odor so bad it burnt your nose. Did I mention that the air conditioner was broken?

Or that there were so many people inside you couldn’t move without brushing up against a stranger’s sweaty arm, back, or chest. But hey, why does it matter how hot it is when you are throwing back as many Electric Lemonades or Vodka Crans as that cute boy over there will buy you and you are really living your best life?

Perhaps you, my friend, thought you were too cool for the good old Press Box. Did you show up to The Edge with all five of your friends and realize you were some of the few souls to grace the place? Maybe you were like me, and took a swing through Antoon’s, only to find out that they were (shockingly) ID’ing people at the door.

Watching a whole lot of drunk people play pool is not as lit as it sounds. But then again, maybe you were that drunk person and you had the time of your life singing Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” at the top of your lungs with every other drunk patron. It does not matter where you went. I can just about guarantee that if you went to any place around Natchitoches where jailbreak was the cause for celebration, you walked away with a killer hangover and stories to tell for years to come. Welcome back to the ridiculousness, Demons. I hope you survived well enough and have prepared yourself for the semester of ragers to come.

See y’all next time!
Party Girl

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