Conway is second runner-up at Miss America


   Northwestern State University alumna Holli’ Conway placed second runner-up representing Louisiana at the Miss America competition Sunday.

   Conway also received a preliminary talent award and over $26,000 in scholarships for her performance as a contestant.

   She said her first goal upon boarding the plane back to Louisiana was to sleep.

   Conway has taken her place in Miss America history as the first Miss America class to compete without a swimsuit. A peer-to-peer question replaced the swimsuit competition this year.

   “I knew that the question would be hard and it would be something important to each of the girls,” Conway said.

   Upon making the top 10 Conway realized she would be able to perform her talent on national television. “I get to do my talent!” Conway said. She actually lost her voice the morning of her preliminary talent competition and was on vocal rest for the remainder of the competition.

   According to Conway, the best part of not only the Miss America competition but being Miss Louisiana is the connections you make. At the Miss America after party, Conway had the opportunity to talk to one of the judges who happened to be from Julliard.

   Lady of the Bracelet Event Director Reagan Escudé shared her excitement for Conway’s placement as second runner-up.

   “We are so honored to have one of our own make it that far in Miss America,” Escudé said.

   Conway is actually the emcee for the Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet pageant this weekend. “The fact that she is able to come and emcee at Lady of the Bracelet is just so exciting and we can’t wait to see her!”

Photo by Steven Palowsky.