New stage on Iberville Green begins construction


By Trinity Velazquez

   A new stage broke ground last week on Iberville Green, the field beside Iberville Dining Hall. It is scheduled for completion by homecoming week.

   2016-2017 Student Government Association President Jon Pearce came up with the idea during his presidency. With funding coming from organizations like the Student Activities Board and SGA, along with alumni, his vision is finally in the works.

   “I think it is wonderful the university used a bit of money to make up the difference,” Dean of Students Frances Conine said. “It has morphed into this expensive, but very, very nice stage area, which can be a multi-purpose entertainment area.”

   Director of Student Union Life Alan Pasch said that DemonFest, Freshman Connection, Purple Palooza and other organizations will be using the new stage as well.

   “There are already a lot of events out there, it’s picking up attractions and it’s right next to the dorms,” Pasch said. “It’s super easy for people to get there and it’s also right next to [Iberville Dining Hall].”

   The stage will be powered, and there will be lights underneath it. As for the size, Pasch said the university is aiming for the max height allowed by law.

   “You know I’m going to have a one woman show,” Conine joked. “I’m going to sing the fight song and sing the Alma Mater!”

   “I think the stage is a good idea because it’s always been just the [grass], and having the stage would save some time on events,” said sophomore, Leann Wills, who works for First Year Experience.

   Once it has been built, reservations will have to be made for any organizations who want to rent the stage.


Photo by Brooke Perkins.