New coach implements changes to Demon Crew


   Northwestern State University’s rowing team held an informational Tuesday, Sept. 4. detailing the Demon Crew’s plans for the new year, as well as introducing their new coach, Jamie Lablor.

   The team is currently offering two weeks free trial and a 10 percent discount on the $100 fee if paid before Sept. 19. The two weeks free trial gives students an opportunity to try rowing and see what it is about.

   “The first week is going to be hard and trial for everyone that’s why we are giving them free two weeks to decide if they want to do it,” said President Stewart Sloan.

   The team travels and attends several competitions throughout the year. Some locations they are visiting this semester include Nashville, Music City in Tennessee, and Little Rock, Arkansas. All expenses will be totally covered except for food. They pay for these trips with the student dues, and they also conduct several fundraisers during the semester.

   Lablor is already implementing some changes to put them on the best route to success.

   “I will be focusing on the type of races we will be having and depending on that I will determine what kind of practices we will be having,” Lablor said. She plans to be “strict” but also “lenient” at the same time “because I don’t want to scare students away from a sport that means so much to me.”

   The coach encourages everyone to join. “We are actually one of the cheapest sports clubs in NSU,” she said.

   Coach Lablor claims rowing is more competitive than football. “I am not downing football, but these kids paid to be here and practice five times a day.” She claims rowers are self-motivated and they don’t get paid to practice while football players get paid to do these things.

   “Football players grew up playing football which they are fantastic at, but some rowers start later in life and they get to compete and win at very difficult levels.”

   The coach advised the new student to stick with it and try it out because her coach talked her out of leaving her team, and she went on to become a conference champion and a national runner-up. “I would not have done it if I had quit.”

   Senior, Blake Blanchard, joined the Crew his freshman year.

   “I enjoyed traveling and meeting new people, so it was a bonus being on the team,” Blanchard said. Blanchard has won over 5 medals.

   To find out more information contact NSU Demon Crew contact at 318.357.5921 or [email protected]