Another season, another tailgate


The student section for tailgating this season has been moved to Donald’s Demon Alley. While normally separated from the commercial section, this year both tailgate areas are located at the Demon Alley.

Tori Thompson, director of marketing and digital media, said the student area is at the front of the practice field. Although the commercial area has generally been by the practice field, the student section has often moved.

“Students’ tailgate has moved a lot,” Thompson said. “We are trying to find the spot that works best for them.”

Thompson said the combined event will help students get more involved with the community.

Alcohol, to some’s surprise, is allowed during the tailgate.

“We expect that people who are consuming alcohol to be of age,” said Shayne Creppel, director of Greek Life and assistant director of student life.

“Tailgating is one of those things that just add to your college experience,” said senior Charles McClintock. He added that students should go and have fun at the new location.

Admission to tailgates is free for all students.

Photo by Mekayla Jenkins.