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KNWD incorporates changes to broadcasting


Change is inevitable as the years pass, and KNWD 91.7FM is looking to bring a significant change to the station with their new direction in content.

KNWD mainstream broadcasting will be shifting away from their normal paid music to promote local bands and indie artists. This is so that the station to have its own “college radio” vibe that make it unique and better represent Northwestern State University in comparison to the other stations on the air.

The change came into fruition when Ka’ihe Fisher, the general manager of KNWD, traveled to a college broadcasting conference in the summer and conversed with other college radio stations around the country.

After collaborating with these schools, he discovered they have supported local upcoming indie bands, especially when paid music is already played on other stations. As an unpaid radio station, KNWD looks to support the performers that aren’t usually promoted on mainstream radio.

Kaiely Whinstoff, head of the music department, said that the station gets CDs from local bands that are looking to put in the rotation.

“I’m thrilled to able to get local artists and be able to sound different than major radio stations,” said Whinstoff.

Two bands that are going to have their music broadcasted include Rella, winner of Attack of the Bands, and On Point Band. Ka’ihe and Kailey have stated if anyone would like for KNWD to play their music to send it to them and make sure it passes the Federal Communications Commission guidelines. KNWD will continue to have unique DJ’s at certain times that get to broadcast their favorite songs.

The station also looks to expand their lineup with an upcoming podcast. KNWD holds discussions on the radio, but the podcast looks to provide a new platform for the team to discuss student problems without being limited by the FCC.

Ka’ihe states that the podcast is “their platform to be able to talk about things that they wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about on air that will not only reach our community, but everywhere.”

He hopes as the station continues to grow, it will be able to bring new ideas even after he graduates.

“People know KNWD for our events, but we should focus on what this whole organization is about, which is the radio.”

Photo byVictoria Perkins.

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