What’s on a ballot? A guide

For the Nov. 6 election, voters have many options to choose from. Those on the ballot for school board in district 6 are: “Reba” Phelps, and Elvin L. Shields.

The candidates for U.S. Representative of the 4 Congressional District are incumbent Mike Johnson (R), Ryan Trundle (D) and Mark David Halverson (I).

For Secretary of State, the candidates include Julie Stokes, Matthew Moreau, Thomas Kennedy III, A.G. Crowe, Kyle Ardoin, Heather Cloud, Rene Free, “Rick” Edmonds and “Gwen” Collins-Greenup.

There are six amendments to be voted on also. If voted for, one amendment would require a unanimous jury decision on noncapital felony cases.

The current law requires only 10 out of 12 jurors to issue a verdict.

Another amendment would prohibit felons from serving in public office until five years after completing their sentence. The law currently allows felons to serve after completing their sentence.

If voted for, one amendment would remove the right of state police to use money from the Transportation Trust Fund for traffic control purposes.

One amendment could extend eligibility for certain special property tax treatments to property held in trust.

Voters can also decide whether a political subdivision can donate the use of public equipment and personnel to another.

Another amendment may require a four year phase-in of tax liability for homes subject to the homestead exemption when a reappraisal increases assessments by more than 50 percent.

Natchitoches residents will also vote on whether or not to allow fantasy sports to be played inside the parish.