‘Rocky Horror’ does it again


Like all of the other brave souls that went to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Sunday, I was filled with antici…pation. The play, put on by the Student Theatre Organization, was one of the most comically risqué performances I’ve ever seen.

Those familiar with “Rocky Horror” will understand the almost ritualistic commentary by the audience. Barely a scene went by without someone yelling out some familiar trope.

One of the most exciting parts of the play wasn’t even an actual part of the performance. Prior to taking their seats, audience members were asked whether they would like to have the letter “V” written on their forehead with lipstick. The symbol would mark them as “virgins” to the play.

The costumes in the production were amazing. I loved the designs for all of the characters.

If latex, fishnet stockings and cross dressing aren’t for you, then I’d find another show to watch. Many of the audience members came clad in similar clothes.

You can’t have a proper “Rocky Horror” viewing without guys rocking it out in bodysuits and short shorts.

My only qualm would be the set itself, which is a minimal disappointment. Besides some props, there was nothing else on stage.

A major prop was a screen that had the movie projected on it as the actors performed.

The cast didn’t act out the whole show, however. During multiple scenes the performers would come out and lip sync with the movie.

During intermission, the “virgins” and others were picked to take part in “Rocky Horror” style games. While I wish I could describe all that happened, I don’t think my editor would allow me.

I would like to congratulate the cast and crew that put the performance together. It was well done and stayed true to the “Rocky Horror” style.

If you were unlucky enough to not have seen it, take a chance next year and check it out for yourself. I give this play a perfect five out of five demons.

Photo by Cassandra Phillips.