NSU mourns loss of Beth Ann Monaghan

It has been a tough semester for the students, faculty and staff of Northwestern State University. NSU mourns the loss of three students this semester.

Elizabeth “Beth” Ann Monaghan was unfortunately, the most recent of the three students that we lost during the semester. Beth was in her final year, and she maintained a 3.7 GPA majoring in Veterinary Tech while participating in campus choir because of her passion for music.

“Beth was the kind of person you value in an ensemble. She was a faithful member, she participated, and she has a lovely voice,” said Michael Rorex, associate professor in the music department and Beth’s choir director. He also mentioned how quiet and always prepared she is. “She seemed to enjoy what she was doing,” he said.

Because Beth was a Vet Tech major, Rorex only get to see her during choir. He rarely has close encounters with her.

“I did not know her very well, there are 70 people in the choir. I had a close encounter when she was auditioning,” Rorex said.

“Music is something I think she enjoyed because I looked at the records and she never missed a class,” he said.

Carole Lightell, Beth’s close friend, spoke at the NSU’s memorial held for Beth. She told a funny story about how they took a wrong turn coming back from Shreveport and ended up in Monroe.

“She was very sweet, very quiet and always had a smile on her face, always. If I think about it for too long, I start to cry. I have been doing a bit better though.”

Beth’s aunt, Holly Horn Broussard, in a short GoFundMe article said, “Beth was a ray of sunshine, always having a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. She was kind, giving, gentle and funny with a beautiful soul. She had a very promising future ahead of her.”

President Chris Maggio said, “Anytime you lose a student, it is so tough on everyone. We are sorry, and we want to keep our thoughts and prayers with her family.”

Beth’s presence in NSU definitely affected a lot of people positively. Everyone said how she always had a smile on her face that brighten the day of anyone on her path. Her friends, professors and staff at NSU will miss her a lot.