What is the purpose of life?


What are we doing here and where are we going after here? It’s almost like we just woke up one morning and boom, its welcome to the show. We go through our lives making as much money as we can, and we try our best not to let ourselves get broke. We copy everything we see on TV, head to toe, and when we get confused, we just turn up the radio.

However, we should pause for a minute and ask ourselves: Who created us? What is the object of our existence?

This question is so complex, in fact, that it has perplexed some of the greatest minds in history. Take, for instance, Albert Einstein, in his collection of essays and ideas titled “The World As I See It.” He pondered the question: “What is the meaning of human life, or, for that matter, of the life of any creature?”

Some people argue that we don’t have a purpose, or that we are simply here for personal enjoyment. However, think about it for a second.

The intricate creation of ourselves from our heads down to our very fingertips is something quite profound and amazing, to say the least. It couldn’t be that this was designed without an agenda, cause or a purpose.

Just look at the sky one day and acknowledge the flawless end to end. That in itself is enough to put you in awe of the creative power of the creator, God.

Before I give my answer, I want to address the fact that many cultures and religions around the world have different answers to this question. I was brought up in Nigeria where everything is scarce and limited, and I am also a Muslim. These two things are the big influencers of my answer.

Gratitude is the purpose of our creation. Let me explain.

One thing all humans share across the globe is a common sense of decency. So, when we realize there is a creator and we realize he created us in such a powerful way and has given us abilities that other creatures don’t have. He has given all these faculties, not just the physical ones, which are amazing enough, but also many other things.

And we have everything around us that supports our survival. Water, the air we breathe or the trees around us. There is absolutely no denial that we have been poured upon from all kinds of direction with many favors.

So, the very least we could do during our time on earth is to say thank you.