We all have the right to life


Year after year, millions of innocent lives are eradicated on the grounds of a woman’s right to privacy. This past weekend, I had the privilege of protesting this atrocity at the Baton Rouge March for Life. Surrounded by scores of baby lovers, we started at the state capitol and proceeded confidently through town with signs and prayers. The March for Life is an inspiring event because it unites us all, regardless of anyone’s political or religious affiliation. Catholics, Protestants and atheists walk hand-in-hand to support one agreeable cause.

There are quite a few arguments against the formerly entitled right to life. One is that when the baby is not fully formed, it is simply a clump of cells. I’m here to say that if it is simply a “clump of cells,” then there’s no reason to even schedule an abortion because there wouldn’t be anything living in a woman’s womb to abort in the first place.

Another argument is that some pro-choice people don’t actually think abortion is okay, but they are pro-choice because they don’t think it’s right to tell a woman what to do with her body.

Here’s why this argument doesn’t make sense: Let’s say you are casually walking by when you see someone with a gun about to shoot another person. You don’t agree with murder, but you don’t want to get involved because you feel it’s not your place. Subsequently, you allow this murder to happen even though you know that it was clearly wrong. That’s basically what this argument is. The only difference is that when it comes to abortion, the murder is happening within the womb.

The final argument I’m bringing up is that people say it’s okay to abort a baby when the mother goes through rape, as she’ll have to raise it alone or struggle financially. Although rape is definitely a traumatizing life experience that no one deserves, the expectant mother could still choose to have the child and put it up for adoption. There are couples out there who have been trying for years and would throw themselves at the mother’s feet to have a child to call their own. The process is long, but adoption is definitely an option.

This goes for all the other problems and arguments as well. There is always the opportunity to choose life because even though all the mother can do is give birth to her baby, someone else will be willing to raise it.

Since the ruling of Roe v. Wade on Jan. 22, 1973, over 1.5 billion innocent lives have been obliterated in an epic genocide due to failed cognitive reasoning. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”

Thanks to our government, over two thousand babies have already been aborted in January 2019 alone. Hopefully, 2019 will be a year of hope for women who are thinking about having an abortion. No matter what the circumstances are in our lives, every unborn child has the right to life, and it is not up to us to end it. Rather, it is our duty to celebrate and value every life as a precious gift to mankind.