Athlete of the Week: Malik Metoyer


NSU 10 Malik Metoyer

By Leron Massey.

From the very start, Malik Metoyer has been a noteworthy player for the Demons.

This season, Metoyer is thumping down his shots shooting 45% from the field, while shooting 77% from the free-throw line. This is an expansion from the past season, when he shot 40% from the field and 60% from the free-throw line.

A 6”7 200-pound senior from Clarence, Louisiana, Metoyer is a hometown product, having played for Lakeview High School.

While at Lakeview, he turned into a two-time all-district player who was the MVP of I-20 All-Star Classic. He drove his group to the quarterfinals as just a sophomore and furthermore helped his group achieve continuous Class 2A state title appearances. He also graduated with a 3.6 GPA and was also a member of the Beta Club and Healthy Youth Club.

His main objective for the season is to go to Katy, TX and win a title.

“It’s my last year,” said Metoyer. “It would mean a great deal to me.”

During conference play, the senior has increased his shooting percent to 59% and his free throw rate to 85%. The senior is doing everything he can to enable his group to reach Katy and secure the title he’s been dreaming of since his first days as a Demon.

The Demons are just two games behind the eighth seed in the conference. With eight games left in the season and five of those games on the road, the Demons get an opportunity to sneak in and cause some bedlam in the competition.

Metoyer just required three words to sum up his four-year residency at NSU: “Appreciative, blessed, and grateful.” Metoyer says he cautiously prayed on which school he should sign onto before choosing Northwestern.

“I simply needed to go to the correct school and where my family could see me play; so why not remain home and be a local town hero?” he said.