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Opinion: What is your perception of beauty?


By Jasmine Frazier.

Subconsciously, we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, what we define as beauty seems like something social media has molded into its own perception.

Everyone wants to be attractive, and in our generation, it is a battle of who can be the baddest. If you don’t know what a “baddie” is, just think about all of the Instagram influencers with snatched waists, big butts, perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth.  The first thing that popped up in your head was probably Kim Kardashian, and I hope you then pondered how much she spent to look like that.

At this point in our lives, beauty comes for a price. Or does beauty actually happen the minute we open our eyes on this planet? Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, and we seem to forget that. No one looks alike, and we are all a work of art.

Now, it is way easier said then done to wake up and think you are a goddess when you can’t help but to feel like you aren’t good enough to meet beauty’s standards. Honestly, there aren’t any real beauty standards. People have made up what they view as beauty and forced these views on everyone else.

So, when we think of beauty, let’s end society’s definition. At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, no matter what shape you are, how long your hair is or how clean your teeth are, you are the definition of beauty. Art isn’t perfect and neither are people. The difference between those plastic bodies and our real ones with dents and scars is that our bodies tell a story, while theirs was created for them. Your perception of beauty is the real perception. You are beautiful—remember that.

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